Why Canon?

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Canon? Nikon? Fuji? Sony? ...Why do I use a Canon?

Well, simple...

When I first started to get interested in photography, I had a little Samsung NV10.  It didn’t really do as much as I wanted to start doing.  Sure it was great as a handy-sized travel camera for snap shots.  But I wanted to start to create images.    Here’s a review of the NV10 over on dpreview.

So I shopped around.  The Lumix was in the frame for a while, some ads were running on TV and it looked good, then I read an article in tech magazine.  The article was the top 500 gadgets of the last 5 years.  For cameras it listed the Canon 550D, (Rebel T2i in the US I think), as the breakthrough to getting into photography and to easily get good results.

To get into photography.  Easily get good results.  Hmmm...that’s for me!  The price range was pretty reasonable too.   I used the 550D for 2 years...but I soon started to realise that there were some things it couldn’t do.  I had outgrown my first dslr.

So why did I stay with Canon.  Well that’s easier to answer.  I had lens for Canon, I knew how to use the Canon...all financial and brainpower reasons pointed to staying with Canon.  After all, the first one was good, I loved it in fact, the 70D had just been released with good reviews.  Seemed like a no-brainer.

It was, and probably still is, a good all round enthusiast camera. Does it have the best xxx, probably not, is it the fastest xxx, probably not.  But it does everything I needed it to (past tense).  I can’t fault it in any way for what it was supposed to do.  So for me, to upgrade and stay with Canon, made perfect sense.

So now...to upgrade or not to upgrade that is the question.  The question would be a lot easier if camera equipment were a heck of a lot cheaper than it is in my corner of this world of ours.  And if I do, do I stay with Canon.  Actually, yes, I would.  No point replacing all lenses and increasing the cost.  Also, as I am no expert, can I really handle the learning curve of switching?  No!  I’d like a layout of menus and knobs/buttons that I am used to.  Nothing worse than being out in a cold field in the dark and pressing the wrong knob, (no giggling please).

Lenses are probably as , if not more, important than the camera, but I think I have outgrown the 70D.  The AF system is good, but central AF points need a wider aperture than a zoom + extender would give me.  The flash functionality could be more advanced.  The question for me would actually be, stay crop sensor or go full frame.  This question again, will be answered more by $$$ than by what I really would like.  But crops do have some advantages...the added telephoto reach for one.  The 80D looks like a good buy, but that’s almost a year old now.  Honestly, I cannot justify the cost...I may as well wait for the 90D...2018 as this rumour site suggests. 

I can wait.

So why Canon? Well, as you see, it was circumstantial.  Had that review been about a one of the others...but it wasn’t, and subsequent upgrades have been based largely on the cost of changing over kit AND the mental fiddling required in order to get used to a new system.    

Hey Canon, perhaps you’d like to send me a 5D Mark IV to promote for you?  I would need the lenses too, please! 

I dream!

There’s a very famous quote attributed to Mr Ansel Adams.

“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” 

How very true. 

One friend I follow on Flickr uses a Canon 100D, and takes wonderful images. 

Gear envy, it’s a sin! 

Get creative with what you have; it’s probably more than enough.  Still, my letter to Mr F Christmas has been written...but I am happy with my 70D for now!

Best wishes

The Frustrated Photog


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