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A landscape, nature/wildlife, fine art photography enthusiast based in Esksiehir, Turkey. 

That's the short version!


I am a photography enthusiast, it's my hobby, my escape.  To sit staring at a sweeping landscape or a close up moment with a gem of nature's creation while I take it's image is a wonderful release.  The process is as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable, than the result.  It allows you to really see the marvels all around us.  True not only for landscape and natural world close ups, but even still life compositions, splash photography and long exposures to see an altered view that our eyes cannot see.


But, I am a frustrated photographer.  I live in a country full of outstanding natural, and human-made, beauty, sadly the part where I live is a long way from much scenic content.  In a way this pushes me to be more creative with what I have...but there is so much more.  "Travel there" you say!  I would love to!  Without my own transport, I cannot travel freely and here, in my corner of this wonderful world, public transport isn't great - understatement.  Learn to drive?  The knees don't allow it.  Hike?  The knees don't allow it.  Bike?!  The lack of freedom to capture the wonders around me...Frustrating!


Of course public transport often passes an ideal spot for a photograph and which is dressed in perfect light.  Will the driver stop?  Not a chance.  Frustrating!


So what do I do?  Usually I take what I can where I can.  Make the most of opportunities presented by family trips, drivers offering lifts to places.  Of course this usually means I am not hitting the right places at the right time in that glorious golden light that the tutorials and experts repeat time and again.  The perfect light is perfect...if you can be there to get it.  I've been in a number of wonderful locations and taken an image in flat, dull light...often it leads to a mono conversion as the colour is...meh! ...Frustrating!


But I take what I can and treasure the moments when they present themselves...the real escape.  But through the Frustrated Photog Blog, I hope to inspire others in my position to do what they can.  There are tips and tricks...not just blackmailing someone with a car!


Which photographers do I follow?  Many, but mostly these two:

They don't dress photography up as some kind of dark art, they preach simplicity and a show a real honest passion for what they do.  I recommend you subscribe to Thomas Heaton's and Nigel Danson's YouTube channels. 


Mr Heaton

Mr Danson


Even if you cannot get the image you want, enjoy being out in the natural world and slowing down the pace of life, let the frustrations slip away.  Let the world around you inspire you!

Best wishes