Muppet Moment 1 - Premature Deletion

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Welcome to my...


Here I will share my mess ups, errors, tragedies, mistakes, and total car wrecks.  No need to call me a muppet, I am already aware of my muppetry!  But, from out of the ashes of muppetdom great things can come...mistakes happen to be learnt from!  

Please note that, as far as I know, muppetry and muppetdom are not in the dictionary, if they get in there...I hope to get a mention :D

Other photography blogs tell you what to do...I am going to tell you explicitly what NOT to do.  Also, I will share the results...laugh/snigger/chortle as you ego here!

So, without further faffing, MUPPET MOMENT 01: "Premature Deletion"

Would you like to see an image of the one of the most spellbinding storm cloud formations I have ever seen?  Yes, so would I!  Look at this...

Yep, that's it folks...that's all I have.  B'%^&*!  I get the feeling you are not as impressed with those clouds as I hoped you would be...

The tale

Late afternoon I could see the clouds building from my balcony window, they looked gorgeous, tinted by the golden rays of the setting sun that stole between the massing cloud.  Click, click, click... three captures of the most beautiful cloudscape crystal clear on the articulated screen of my 70D.  Job done! Process those later...

Later, early evening, I could hear thunder rolling, see lighting flashing...great! An opportunity to catch some lighting.  It's was, and still is, on my photog bucket list.  Tripod and camera were made ready for the long exposures required to catch the lightning. It wasn't a good storm, maybe a flash or two every 3 or 4 minutes.  Not great.  I fired off a lot of shots, caught some flashes, but no real keepers.  Ah well...might as well erase all the images while I wait, free up space on this memory card...


You can guess how big a MUPPET I felt at that moment!  Those wonderful shots of those gorgeous clouds lost to wherever it is that lost photos go.  The well of awful nothingness... 

I am sure I will see equally as beautiful clouds again one day...but, when?  Losing a good doesn't feel good!  Like realising that chocolate you were keeping for later has been snaffled by someone else...maybe EVEN worse!

The tips then are these:

  • FOCUS...not only the camera...but also FOCUS YOURSELF on what you are doing.
  • Don't delete shots mid shoot, you cannot concentrate on bagging new shots, and what's on the back of the cam at the same time.  
  • Also, can you really check sharpness well enough on the back screen by doing it quickly?  NO!
  • LEAVE THAT DELETE BUTTON ALONE - focus on your focus!
  • Don't be a MUPPET!

The end of the day, well, the storm didn't amount to much.  No great light show in the sky.  Perhaps my pain may have been assuaged had I been able to catch a great shot.  But no.  I deleted the stunner and was left with dumping your girl/boy friend hoping for an upgrade, but being left with no one to <ahem> talk to.  <sigh>

I kept a few shots; reminders of this moment of muppetry. Interesting for a background perhaps, but, meh!  

Canon 70D 15-85mm, 19mm, 3.2sec, f/18, ISO100 - no flash (flashgun or lightning) 


I have since been able to hit a half decent lightning shot...but that's included in another muppet moment story for later.

I hope this helps you prevent great shots from being sent into the hellish dark maw of premature deletion.


If you've had a similar experience, or have good results of lightning flashes or cloudscapes, please share! Post the link in a comment and I will check them out and comment and stuff!


Best wishes

The Frustrated Photog









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