The Frustrated Photog

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The frustrated photographer.  The Explanation, the background, the mission.  Photography Tips and how NOT to do it, by an enthusiastic enthusiast!


A short introduction, and explanation, in case you haven’t read the About Page on my site, (please read the About Page), why the ‘Frustrated Photog’?

Well, if I had the time, the transport (and yes, the ability), I would give up my day job and become a full time professional. 

“Go for your dreams!” You say.  I would love to, but there is a big but.

The photographs I prefer to take are of the natural world.  It’s not easy to make a living from landscape photography, especially in my situation.  I will explain further. 

I live in Turkey, a country with outstanding natural, and human-made, beauty, but sadly the part where I live is a long way from much scenic content.  I have though photographed the proverbial #@*& out of the city where I live.  In all seasons, in most weather.

In a way this is a good thing.  It pushes me to try and be more creative with what I have, but there is so much more. 

"Travel there!" You say.  But without my own transport, I cannot travel freely and here, in my corner of this wonderful world, public transport isn't great – understatement! 

“Learn to drive?”  The knees don't allow it. 

“Hike?”  The knees don't allow it. 

“Bike?”  Erm, no!  The doctor, and the knees don’t allow it! 

The lack of freedom to capture the wonders around frustrating!

Of course public transport often passes an ideal spot for a photograph which is dressed in that perfect light.  Will the driver stop?  Not a chance.  Frustrating!

So what do I do? 

Usually I take what I can where I can and when I can.

I have to make the most of opportunities presented by family trips and friends offering lifts to places, or catching the same places in different light or conditions. 

Of course this usually means I am not hitting the right places at the right time for that glorious golden light that the tutorials, and experts, repeat time and again (and again and again and again).  The perfect light is perfect, if you can be there to get it.  I've been in a number of wonderful locations and had to take an image in flat, dull light, often leading to a mono conversion as the colour is meh! ...Frustrating!

So in this blog what will I do?

I will share some of the experiences on locations from the point of view of the non-expert.  I won’t tell you how to capture the best images, I am still finding out myself. 

I will also share with you tips for NOT making the same mistakes I have made.  Let’s call these my MUPPET MOMENTS.   No copyright infringement intended on Mr K Frog and co., I am using the informal British English usage:

muppetnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈmʌp.ɪt/ us /ˈmʌp.ɪt/ UK informal

a stupid person

Entry from the Cambridge Dictionary

As in the expressions: 

You muppet!  Stop being a muppet!  But please, extra strong emphasis on the first syllable.  You MUPpet!

So please, after I share my "Muppet Moments" with you remember there is no need to leave a comment to call me a muppet, or any of the countless suitable synonyms.  I am well-aware of my muppetry, (that isn’t actually a real word yet, but if we all use it enough, the OED will put it in eventually).  I will let you know if I feel I deserve some extra harsh treatment.

Mistakes are an invaluable part of learning, the real muppetry comes when you make the same mistakes over and over.  That is something I haven’t done...yet.  Or have I?  Yes, I admit it.  I have!

So please read and enjoy the blog, please feel free to leave comments here and/or in the guestbook.  Share ideas, tips, techniques or links to useful stuff - or just have a chat!  

Check out my gallery if you have a moment.

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In the meantime, best wishes

The Frustrated Photog 


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