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Muppet Moment 03: Get your kit on!

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Every year I spend at least two weeks of late summer in the seaside town of Erdek, Turkey.  It's in the west of Turkey on the sea of Marmara, on a promontory, (sticky out bit of land), known as Kapı Dağ (Door Mountain).  The big mountain on the promontory is called...yes, Door Mountain.  Erdek has some scenic views over the sea and sunsets often look gorgeous, in past years I had taken a number of good shots...but this summer (2017) was being a bit annoying.  

Every cloud.  Nothing to reflect the sunlight into those wonderful illuminated scenes of vibrant colour and pattern.  Nothing.  Yes, the colours of the sky were nice, but...meh!  A sunset needs cloud to really make the image stand out.  For me, at least, it is the cloud patterns that make a sunset, whether just whisps passing in front of the low sun, or large cloudscapes bouncing sun rays.  This summer was frustrating.  So many evenings out with full gear, hoping.  A weather app unhelpfully predicting cloud, when there was none.

Until this happened.  My MUPPET MOMENT

"No, I won't take the camera gear tonight, love.  Let's just have a walk." 

Countless evenings frustration combined with the aching of knees led to this ill-thought proclamation.  As we left the flat, a strange orange glow reflected on the white paint of the hotels and holiday flats. I should've guessed that something was going on! 

Why didn't I go back and get the gear?

The image below was taken on my phone.  An ok camera for quick clicks and it has some HDR and RAW capture capability, it's an LG G4.  Truth is, I find it hard to work the controls without my glasses...and then I cannot see the scene I want to capture.  Not helpful!  This image is alright as a momento, but I could've done so much more with that sky with the 70D.  I know other people can take great shots with a phone camera, I can't! (See the reason just mentioned!)

They say your best camera (and best lens) are the ones with you.  How true!  The one not with you is useless at that moment.  


If you're in a scenic location, no matter how many times you have seen it, at least carry the camera.  If not the tripod and the filters, at least, the camera.  DO IT!  

Every day light is different...sometimes, like the shot above, amazing!

I have the comfortable Black Rapid RS7 strap.  A wonderful design that makes the camera so easy to carry.  There's no excuse!

Don't be a muppet...take it with you!


Check out my Sunrise and Sunset folder in my gallery for some shots from Erdek and elsewhere.


Every missed a great shot?

Write a comment and share!

Best wishes and Happy New Year

The Frustrated Photog.





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