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Muppet Moment 06 – Castled?

February 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Actually this is the Muppet Moment that wasn’t, but almost was!

I’ve written before about missed opportunities, and this was nearly a big MUPPET MOMENT!

Have you ever heard of Raglan Castle?  Full details here at their site.   

Unless you are from Wales, probably not.  I had, but only in passing.  Never in the same breath as the most famous Welsh castles such as Chepstow, Caernarfon or Caerphilly for example.

Ragland Castle (f/8, 30secs, 15mm, ISO320)

We were travelling into Wales for our week long break touring around some different spots.  The Elidir Trail, as serialised in this blog, was to be a major stop.  But before we made it over the border between England and Wales we had stopped near Ross-on-Wye, the next day we were to travel through to a hotel near the Brecon Beacons at Abergavenny.  How could we spend the day?  It wasn’t far from Ross to Abergavenny, only 30 miles on the most direct route.  Sure we’d pass through the Beacons but, as was the case this summer, the weather forecast wasn’t great, so no chance of much hiking around without getting soaked.  Low clouds and rain being expected after lunch (and they came).

We choose Raglan Castle in Monmouthshire to stop at and have a look, to lengthen the journey and see a bit of the local landscape.

We arrived about 11, parked up in the car park and I got out and had a look over the gate.  Paid entry.  Normal.  No big deal and expected for the upkeep of such places.

My family would have to stay in the car while my wife and I walked around it, not the mountain goats that they used to be with regard to agility and balance! 

At least an hour to go around.  It looked big!  Windy, scudding clouds, I’d do some long exposures, maybe 90 minutes.  No!  I wouldn’t keep them waiting; they’ll have a long, long wait tomorrow when I hike the waterfall trail.

We drove out towards the gate of the car park, after much debate about wandering around it, or not. 

“No, stop!  I will go around it.”

Fortunately my folks are understanding souls!!!

Crisis averted. 

I did visit and photograph Raglan Castle. 

Unfortunately it is one of those places that you cannot sell photographs of without paying a fee to the owners (CADW).  I cannot afford such a fee, I’d only ever sell 1 or 2 at the very most.  But, as a tourist, and a photographer, I can fully recommend visiting Raglan Castle and having a good look around.  It’s a beautiful place and a substantial ruin.  Lots of interesting compositions to be had!  


In the courtyard (f/8, 1/60, 15mm, ISO100)

False Promises (the weather didn't stay blue for long) (f/4, 1/400, 15mm, ISO100)

Sure enough, as we entered the Beacons the cloud descended further, and the rain came...but at least I’d got some shots that morning.


So, DON’T BE A MUPPET.  If you get the opportunity to visit something - take it!  You’ll only regret it later!


Ever missed an opportunity?

Write a comment and share your experience!

Best wishes

The Frustrated Photog.


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