ADP Photography | Tips - Get out more 04: Tripod strap!

Tips - Get out more 04: Tripod strap!

February 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Some tripods are useful, they have their own bag, but, we enthusiastic enthusiasts, walking around looking for shots in cities and on hikes, often need to be able to carry the camera at our side and have quicker, easier access to the tripod.  I use the Mefoto Roadtrip,  It doesn't have full height and features, but then it is a travel tripod and a pretty good one too!

Regardless of which tripod you use, there’s nothing worse than having to unpack and set up kit each time you see a good shot, especially if moving from silky water to snapping fast moving objects.  Unfortunately though, most tripods don’t have their own strap!  Weird, I wonder why not?  It would be useful...

Enter metal hose clamps.  What's a metal hose clamp?  A metal loop with a screw that makes the metal loop tighter (see here).  Put one of these around one of your tripod legs, and a nylon cable tie tied into a loop, then tighten up the hose clamp and you're ready to attach a strap!  Easy!

The solution may cause legs to loosen (the tripod leg, not the photogs), and so you do this at your own risk of invalidating warranty or damaging your tripod!  It’s what I do, I am not recommending it, just saying it’s what I do!  Hope that’s clear! 

I don't claim to have invented this.  My inventiveness isn't so radical that I could be the first and I am sure there must be someone else that has had the idea of fixing a strap on a tripod using metal hose clamps...It works for me.

A piece of advice though...carry a spare cable tie.  A couple times the cable tie has broke when out walking as the hose clamp will gradually eat away at the nylon cable tie.  Basically, the thicker and stronger the cable tie, the better!

Together with my Black Rapid RS7 strap, placing my camera on my hip, and a Sirrui quick release plate, mean I can quickly move my camera from sling strap to tripod and back.  My tripod is easily carried, easily set up and then back over my shoulder, (except for the time in Yorkshire last year when I thought my arm was through the strap and I launched the tripod five feet behind me - testimony to the Roadtrip survived its maiden flight!).

Having your tripod available, in a city or out in the country, increases the ease at which you can switch between different set ups.  Less hassle means you're more likely to stop and take the shot.  Naturally if you are using a full-size tripod, the weight will be a burden, as it would however you carry it!  

Got any other photo hacks like this?  Please leave comments to share your solutions!

Best wishes

The Frustrated Photog.


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