ADP Photography | Tips – Get out more 03: Rain Covers

Tips – Get out more 03: Rain Covers

February 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

If you don’t have solid weather sealed camera and lenses, (as I don’t), you need a decent rain cover to be confident shooting in wet weather, which in the UK we have quite a lot of.  Even outside of summer, here in Turkey, the weather can often be wet.  Ask more photogs and they will tell you that bad weather often makes a much better picture, clear blue sky isn't very interesting...that's for holiday snaps, so if you're out in dodgy weather, you need protection!

Checking on, you can buy rain covers from as little as £8, without spending over £100 for Canon’s own!   Really Canon? £100?  That’s what Amazon sells the Canon ERC E4L Large EOS DSLR Cover for.  What does it do?  Automatically dry your hands at the same time? 

Anyway, back to my own solution.  I don't claim to have invented this, and I am sure many others do the same.

The solution below may not be 100% waterproof, I am not sure even the expensive Canon option guarantees that.  The idea below is what I do; I am not recommending it, just saying it’s what I do!  Hope that’s clear!

All I use is:  1 medium sized clear plastic bag; 1 pair of scissors; 2 elastic bands

Yes, it is that simple!

I used this approach several times in the UK last year.  On the Elidir Trail in Wales, and especially up in Yorkshire in rained a lot!  I had to keep my gear dry.  My 70D doesn’t have rain seals, nor do my lenses.  I wish I could afford kit that did.  Even if it did, I am not sure I’d be happy with so much water falling on expensive gear as it would've done up in Yorkshire...

The solution of cutting the bottom out of a plastic bag, placing it over your lens and pulling it over your camera works perfectly. The only problem I had was rain drops falling on the filter glass from me while drying the filter glass, a slight adjustment in bag position was needed, 

  • Use a bag big enough to get your hands under. 
  • Use a clear bag so you can see the buttons. 
  • Put one elastic band over the front end of your lens, you shouldn’t need the second (but it’s good to have a spare)! 
  • Leave enough bag in front of the elastic band so that you can fold a peak over the lens and cover filters.
  • Leave enough room at the back that you can lift it and see your rear screen. 
  • Eh viola – rain cover! (Less than 50p)

Sorry I didn't include a photo...but do you really want a photograph of a camera in a plastic bag? Well, let me know if you do! :)

My clear plastic bag, that now goes with me everywhere, came from Simmonds Bakery, where they make extremely fine bread and cakes!  No sponsorship, just if you’re passing and fancy a sausage roll ;)

Got any other photo hacks like this?  Please leave comments to share your solutions!

Best wishes

The Frustrated Photog.


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