ADP Photography | Tip06: Finding differences at the same location:  The Bloody Poplars

Tip06: Finding differences at the same location:  The Bloody Poplars

March 26, 2018  •  2 Comments

An intriguing name for a blog post! 

The Turkish name for this local park is Kanlıkavak, roughly translates as bloody poplar, or in English Red Poplar Park.  The park rolls alongside the Porsuk River towards the west of my adopted home town, Eskişehir, Turkey.

Like many of the parks in Eskişehir it’s a nice pleasant place for a stroll.  Many of the city parks are flat with a manufactured water feature, but at least in this park, the river winds through, though the banks have been shored up.  There's a couple of platforms for boarding boats, and, although I am yet to see any boat on this stretch of the river, they make an interesting feature.   The other notable objects are the bridges and water flow gates.  A couple of fountains are dotted near-by, some tea houses, and picnic benches, sadly, as often the case, bestrewn with sunflower seed husks dropped carelessly – but I suppose they’re organic! So, you have a general idea about the park.

Naturally, being a pleasant location, I often visit with the camera to see what I can find.  This happens often when I haven’t scratched the photo-itch for a while and get impatient to capture something (anything!!!).

Here’s the benefit of visiting the same place many times! 

It pushes you to look for different compositions and subjects.  The seasons naturally bring new alternatives.  Compare the two shots below taken in early morning, the first, in early winter below and the older shot taken in summer.  No two hours are ever the same, no two days, so definitely not the seasons.  Light always changes, weather conditions, sun position, colours…there’s always variety.  These two shots of what I call the eye bridge, from opposing banks, but look at the difference the months make.  Knowing that I had taken shots of this bridge before made me wait for the reflection to be made more interesting by including the people.

Cycling through the seasonCycling through the seasonKanlikavak (Red Poplar) Park, Eskisehir, Turkey

There’s also the different features that come with the seasons.  Sure, it’s the same place.  But in autumn you have the falling leaves, dead leaves, golden colours, in winter a frosting of snow.

Never forget to look up too, the passing roosting Jays bringing the death of the year.  They're always some around, but in December there are many more and they're gathering!

In the dead of winter you also get some intriguing patterns in the fountains as part of the water freezes, an  ice-cream anyone?

But also consider the alternatives of different shots. You know me and my watery-long exposure obsession?  Yes, I should see a psychiatrist about this, but even the functional water gates can be made more interesting by using a big stopper and slowing the shutter speed right down.  Those circular patterns were not even noticeable to the naked eye.  I could see the white foam on the surface, but not their circular motion until the long exposure brought it all together.

The tips then. 

  1. Just because you’ve been there before, it isn’t a reason not to go again!
  2. By going again you can force yourself to think differently, how can you make more creative captures?

And, so far, I've never been to the park at night...that's a mission for the future.

Please share links to images that you have of the same place, but in very different conditions!

Best wishes

The Frustrated Photog.


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Thank you for your comment Iain! There's some places I would love to be able to repeat visit, but sadly they're too far away. Ah well! All the best, have a great weekend!
Iain Merchant
The point you make is excellent, and it has reminded me of a few places I need to go back to - brilliant post with some lovely photo examples of your point. - love it!
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