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Muppet Moment09 – Premature Termination

May 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I’ve hinted at this problem in a recent post about splash photography.  So it seems time to share another of my MUPPET MOMMENTS.  This particular moment of muppetry can actually run into an hour or so of lost time – it’s a biggy!


Sugar3, f/11, 1/250, 85mm, ISO200

With this shot above, I think I lost over 90 minutes in re-work…

What do I mean by premature termination?  Well, picture the scene with a more typical splash photography project:

  1. The kitchen is tidied and everything normally on the kitchen table and work surfaces is cleared away
  2. The table is covered with a waterproof sheet, carefully angled up on all sides to make a bowl shape, (so as to stop spillages finding the floor)
  3. Boxes are set on the table to lift the subject so that the flash can light it from below and behind
  4. The diffuser is in placed behind the boxes and subject
  5. The lemon cut
  6. The plastic ice cubes in place
  7. The glass filled
  8. The camera set up
  9. Focus set – flash set and a bag on flash to protect from splashes
  10. You take some test shots
  11. Make necessary tweaks and adjustments to flash and focus
  12. You make 20-30 shots getting what you think is a good sharp shot
  13. The kit is dismantled
  14. You pack it all away
  15. Slowly, carefully, mop up the water on the table 
  16. Restore the kitchen to its former functional, but neat, glory
  17. You finally get to load the photos on the computer and then…


The best images aren't as sharp as you’d hoped, the position of the splash just off, the lemon not angled well; it’s not perfect – no, not even close. 

You’ve gotta start again!

Double Blast!


It may seem obvious.  Yes, to me too, NOW! Don’t be funny!

Clearly the thing to do is to check the shots, perhaps even edit them fully, on PC and make SURE you’re 100% happy BEFORE you pack the kit away.  Step 17 should move to step 13, even if your kitchen is needed for Sunday lunch.

This happened with the lemon splash image from the earlier post, I didn’t re-set up.  I left it as is.  The lemon splash was just a project that I knew had no originality, I just wanted to give it a go. But the Sugar3 image above was something I had planned and thought about attempting for sometime beforehand.  I had a white sheet over my all-purpose waterproof table cover, sugar in piles and carefully stacked sugar cubes and positioned figures.

All this paraphernalia was put away tidily.  I had checked my images on the rear screen, honest I had.  Perhaps, it was about this time that my eye-sight started failing, only now I realise the timing fits.  Either way, I should have loaded the images and checked them full-screen FIRST.

The original image wasn’t composed well, it looked too thrown together and ill-thought out, despite the prep and planning that I’d put into it.  And what exactly had I focused on?  I couldn’t tell.  Blast!  I promise that 'blast' wasn’t exactly what I had said at the time though!  Something far less printable!

It all had to be set up again.  That took time, but, this second time, the shots were double checked very, very carefully to ensure they were ok before I dismantled the setup.  Was it worth it?  Well, maybe.  I am happy with the final image, it satisfied the vision that I’d had in my mind's eye.

So, don’t be a MUPPET!  Check it!

Have you ever made a mistake like this? What to share? Send me a comment and we’ll set up a support group J

Best wishes

The Frustrated Photog.


P.S. no sugar was wasted!  :) 


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