ADP Photography | STOP!-Slam on the brakes (carefully).

STOP!-Slam on the brakes (carefully).

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As an oportunistic photographer I often bemoan the fact that, naturally enough, public transport will not stop when I need it to, you know, when passing a gorgeous view as interesting light or weather conditions decorate the scene.  But when you are with your own family, as driver or passenger, you can, perhaps, get the car to stop.

Not always possible, sadly.  Whistling along a road with a truck right up your backside, it’s unadvisable to suddenly throw the anchor, but sometimes it can be possible.

Burrow Mump was one such situation.  In the English county of Somerset, we were travelling home after spending a few nights in Glastonbury, see my recent post about photographing Glastonbury.  I could see on the map that Burrow Mump was listed as a tourist attraction, and somewhere in my distant memory I had read about it.

Suddenly, there it was. Rising up over the moor beyond and the village of Burrow Bridge, a strange hill, fairly common in this part of the world, with a ruined church on top of it.  “Do you want to stop?” Came the question from the driver.  The answer was obvious, though...too late.  We’d disappeared further up the road and the view had gone.  At the next possible point a u-turn and back we went to a small entrance to a field.

Composition gave some good options.  Putting the mump on the intersection of two thirds on the grid and trying both portrait and landscape, or putting the mump bang in the middle, as with Glastonbury Tor, to dominate the scene.  The biggest difference  being weather to include a lot of sky, using the mump on the lower third, or a lot of the field, with the mump on the upper third.  The field was full of dried crop that had been harvested, but the lines of the machinery did add some foreground interest.  A mono conversion also pulls another perspective to the image.

Barrow Mump

f/11, 1/100, 70mm, ISO160 & f/11, 1/125, 70mm, ISO125

Unfortuantely we didn’t have time to explore the site fully.  At the other end of the village there are views of the mump reflected in a small lake. The views from the church too, on a fine day, are pretty splendid too.

What shots have you had from sudden stops? Post your stories and links here and I’ll reply and comment.  Remember though...always drive carefully and DON’T stop suddenly unless it is safe to do so.  Drive responsibly kids!

Best wishes

The Frustrated Photog.


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